On the Road France, UK, USA 2012 – 137min.

Short description

On the Road

Adventure Drama

After the death of his father, a young New Yorker named Sal (Sam Riley) decides to go on a road trip out west: to meet people, off the beaten track, and just travel. Sometimes alone, but often accompanied by the party boy Dean (Garrett Hedlund), a divorced womanizer travelling with his ex-wife (Kristen Stewart), Sal goes in search of a full slice of life. Taking notes that soon accumulate into a journal, which will one day become a book – a book about his journey across America and the wild, wonderful and tragic things he experiences...

Release date

German Switzerland: 1. November 2012

Romandie: 23. May 2012

Ticino: 18. October 2012



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8 years ago

Captures a lot of the whirlwind spirit of the novel, beautifully shot. Good choice of actors. Sam Riley does a great job.


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