Oh Boy Germany 2012 – 83min.

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Oh Boy

Movie Rating: Tamara Schuler

A young man (Tom Schilling) drifts through Berlin: debut film by Jan Ole Gerster.

At first glance, Niko seems to be your average Berliner. But he's different from others, unsure of what he wants; he drifts from place to place. At the same time, he observes with fascination the absurdities of all sizes that occur during what we call daily life. Be it the endless search for a simple cup of coffee, a reunion with a formerly fat school friend or the nap he takes in his grandmother's living room, Niko lives within the situations that occur around him.

Jan Ole Gerster's directorial debut is poetic and tragicomic in its portrayal of the moments experienced by his protagonist, both superficial and deep – moments that could easily be overlooked. Despite being somewhat crotchety, Niko has characteristics that many people today have neglected: awareness, tactfulness and – despite or perhaps because of his aimlessness – a well-balanced personality. In this spirit, Oh Boy is also a subtle critique of society and a call for putting down your smartphone to take a closer look at what's happening right around you.



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10 years ago

Bittersweet and so true-to-life that it hurts. Haven't laughed as much in a while.

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