No Chile, France, USA 2012 – 108min.

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Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

An ad man creates a cheerful campaign to prevent Pinochet from being re-elected.

In 1988, Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is under pressure from the international community to hold a referendum so that his people can decide whether they want him in power until 1997. For the first time, partisans and opponents have access to television, on which they can broadcast 15-minute spots during the 27 days before the vote. While his supporters depict him as a loving grandfather who wants to develop the country's economy, his rivals ask an advertiser, who until now has led a comfortable and apolitical life, to come up with a simple campaign. He creates a new genre, called No, which avoids all allusions to the coup d'état and to assassinations ordered by the regime in former years, instead focusing on jingles, a happy ambiance, all with a logo in the shape of a rainbow...

Shot with a 1980's camera to create the same ambiance as photos from the era, No offers audiences around the world a way to inform themselves about this chapter of modern history – which could be interpreted as the beginning of the end of Pinochet, who was arrested a few years later upon leaving a London medical clinic.



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