Mirror Mirror USA 2012 – 106min.

Short description

Mirror Mirror

Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy

On her 18th birthday, Snow White (Lily Collins) decides to leave the room her stepmother (Julia Roberts) has kept her in since her birth, to go investigate the village. But the poverty she encounters there shocks her; she doesn’t know the queen taxes them endlessly to pay for balls in the castle. On the way, she meets and saves Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) who has been robbed by the seven dwarves, joins the dwarf gang and becomes a bandit and then, back at the castle, helps the queen throw a ball for the same prince. After dancing with him, Snow White has to escape when the queen orders her chancellor to kill her because she wants to marry the prince herself...

Release date

German Switzerland: 5. April 2012

Romandie: 11. April 2012



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