Men in Black 3 USA 2012 – 120min.

Men in Black 3

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Men in Black 3

Peter Osteried
Movie Rating: Peter Osteried

Third installment of the sci-fi comedy by Barry Sonnenfeld. Starring Will Smith and Josh Brolin as the young Tommy Lee Jones.

An extraterrestrial that Agent K caught more than 40 years ago escapes from prison on the moon. He's bent on revenge - not now, but before he was captured. And so he travels back in time to 1969, where he kills K and paves the way for an invasion fleet in the present. When Agent J realizes what happened, he travels back into the past not only to save his partner, but also to stop the end of the world.

After endless difficulties and budget overruns, the Men in Black are back. And the wait was worth it. Men in Black 3 is a cool, smooth summer movie. Not a work of art, but well done Hollywood blockbuster entertainment that's lots of fun.



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7 years ago

Funny but more of the same

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