Lore Australia, Germany, UK 2012 – 109min.

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Movie Rating: Tamara Schuler

14-year-old Lore has to bring her siblings to safety – on foot through Germany right after the war.

Lore begins right after the fall of National Socialism in Germany: Lore's (Saskia Rosendahl) parents, both faithful followers of Hitler, are sent to prison and the 14-year-old is forced to flee clear across Germany with her four little siblings to their grandmother. On the way, a secretive Jewish boy (Kai Malina) joins them, and Lore finds herself confused by her feelings for him: she is torn between the hate she has learned from her parents and her own growing desire.

Lore is captivating mainly through its breathtaking images: from the initial scenes charged with impending doom to the mystical Black Forest backdrop on the way to the presumed idyllic world of Grandma's house, the oppressive, dismal atmosphere of post-war confusion is always palpable. Lore's dilemma between childish belief in values taught to her by her parents and her emerging sexuality is transmitted by Saskia Rosendahl with exceptional subtlety and authenticity. Lore won the Audience Award this year at the Locarno Film Festival.



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