Looper China, USA 2012 – 118min.

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Action Sci-fi Thriller

2044: the economy has stagnated, industry has broken down and society is impoverished. But Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) lives the good life thanks to the money he makes as a «looper», killing men sent from a 2074 future by a powerful criminal called the Rainmaker, who uses a time machine to get rid of his enemies without a trace. But any looper who misses his appointment to «close the loop» of a person's life becomes a target himself. One day, Joe comes face to face with himself, 30 years older (Bruce Willis). When he misses the first time, he chases after old Joe, even as he himself is hunted by another looper...

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German Switzerland: 4. October 2012

Romandie: 7. November 2012

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10 years ago

Time travel sci fi that focuses on the acting not the action (which is still pretty good). Gordon-Levitt playing a younger version of Bruce Willis (who is just playing Bruce Willis) is convincing.


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