Lincoln India, USA 2012 – 150min.

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Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

Steven Spielberg shows how the 13th Amendment to the US constitution abolishing slavery was adopted.

Although the title implies a movie about the life of the 16th American president, Abraham Lincoln, Steven Spielberg focuses on a brief but significant moment in Lincoln's career: his fight to abolish slavery, conclude the Civil War and reunify the country. In doing so, the legendary director reveals the schemes and dubious methods Lincoln used to bend both democrats and republicans to his will...

For 20 years, Steven Spielberg has surpassed his contemporaries by making one classic after another. His ambitious but chatty Lincoln is a bit boring in the first part, but picks up emotionally in the second, thanks mainly to superb photography and set design. The actors' performances are excellent across the board, except... Daniel Day-Lewis, who falls victim to Cristiano Ronaldo syndrome: instead of thinking of the team/film, all he wants is to score a goal/get a third Oscar. In soccer, that's called hogging the ball.



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