Les invisibles France 2012 – 115min.

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Les invisibles

Rolf Breiner
Movie Rating: Rolf Breiner

Documentary about older people who were open about their homosexuality at a time when this was uncommon.

They are gay or lesbian and live apart from society; men and women who live in the French countryside and are all far older than 70. They talk about living a life on the fringe, between worry and hope, fear and acceptance – of who they are. They all first belied, suppressed and hid their feelings, but then one day acknowledged their love and freed themselves.

Sébastian Lifshitz's somewhat long film leaves out most of the political battles and social movements, which is a good thing. He concentrates on three couples and a few individuals. Lifshitz found open partners who talk movingly about their feelings, fates and late fulfillment. A wonderful search for the traces of humanity that leads to today.



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