Il comandante e la cicogna France, Italy, Switzerland 2012 – 108min.

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Il comandante e la cicogna


Teenagers Elia and Maddalena cause trouble for their widowed father Leo, a plumber. Elia has secretly tamed a storks and steals frozen fish from the supermarket to feed it; there's compromising footage on the internet of Maddalena and her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Diana, an artist whose works aren't selling, owes several months' rent to her landlord, Amanzio, a non-conformist who doesn’t work and spends his time criticizing urban life. Diana is hired by a lawyer to paint a fresco of his achievements. There she meets Leo, who has come to ask the lawyer to defend his daughter. Both naïve and upstanding, will the two be able to join forces to fight the case?

Release date

German Switzerland: 14. March 2013

Romandie: 15. May 2013

Ticino: 8. November 2012



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