Ice Age: Continental Drift USA 2012 – 94min.

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Ice Age: Continental Drift

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A squirrel accidentally causes continental drift when it tries to bury its favorite acorn.

In search of his favorite acorn, Scrat accidentally causes continental drift that has repercussions across the globe. Sid, Diego and Manny find their world literally split apart and adrift on an ocean that offers many challenges for survival. Stuck on an iceberg that takes them far from their loved ones, the sloth, the tiger and the mammoth face harsh winds and seas, a horde of pirates led by a heartless monkey and a group of sirens who threaten to drive them mad with their songs – if they survive all this, they may just make it back on land. A wild adventure that won't be over until each one of them again shows that team spirit means every member must make a contribution, no matter their size, abilities or intelligence...

Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier take their heroes on a fourth journey that is amusing throughout. This hodgepodge troupe is tossed about by Mother Nature on an icy ship and once again they get out of a mess thanks to their great friendship - a lesson always welcome for all ages. Continental Drift's message is plentiful and there is humor and tenderness at every occasion. A unique opportunity to laugh at ice melting across the globe – it will cease to be funny soon enough.



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9 years ago

great movie! funny, enjoyable and just epic!: D


9 years ago

Just bullsh...

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