Die Wiesenberger Switzerland 2012 – 90min.

Die Wiesenberger

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Die Wiesenberger

Movie Rating: Eduard Ulrich

A yodel group conquers the world and risks breaking up over their success. Winner of the audience award at the Solothurn film festival.

For 20 years, the 20 men of the Yodel Club Wiesenberg group yodel and sing together at weddings and funerals, at company events and music festivals. But success complicates things: the folk music renaissance of the past few years takes them to the top of their genre, and fame catches up with them when they win on the 2009 Swiss TV show “Die grössten Schweizer Hits”. Bernard Weber and Martin Schilt filmed the "Wiesenbergers" for two years and are there as they try to avoid the break-up of their group.

A good example of how true democracy is practiced in this small men’s association – only their female conductor is not true to type – who’s members are lively singers committed to entertaining people at important events throughout their lives, or just happy to sing as they work. The filmmakers’ close relationship with their impending stars is an advantage, allowing them to be present with their camera on very personal occasions. Winner of the audience prize at the Solothurn Film Festival.



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