Chronicle UK, USA 2012 – 84min.

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Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

Three high school students learn to use their new-found superpowers.

Three high school students with nothing in common but their age come into contact with an unidentified luminous object that gives them all superpowers. Now linked by their secret, they learn to use their new abilities but soon realize they need to keep them under control. They make a set of rules, but those aren't easy to follow when you're only 17 and already trying to deal with raging hormones.

Barely older than his leads, Josh Trank's movie puts a new spin on the superhero genre, one that places less emphasis on explosions and more on the characteristics of your average teen. Instead of limiting himself to a silly teen-movie in which boys laugh hysterically at the things they can do with their new skills, Trank goes darker, with unexpected and better results. It’s too bad he doesn’t maintain it all the way to the end – instead the last five minutes go back to stupid gags. A tragic ending would have been much more effective.



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8 years ago

Creepy - it really goes into the dark side of human nature and you find yourself asking would be be that different if we had that power?

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