Tyrannosaur UK 2011 – 91min.

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In a Midlands suburb, Joseph (Peter Mullan) is angry at the whole world. In an excessive rage, he kills his dog, breaks a window, gets into bar fights and taunts a tough neighbor who has a pitbull. When he finds himself in a Christian thrift shop run by Hannah (Olivia Colman) one day, she speaks so softly to him that he's bowled over. But to him, Hannah, who lives in the nice part of town, is mainly a privileged woman whom he first insults. Thus starts a friendship that threatens James, Hannah's sadistic and brutal husband...

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German Switzerland: 29. March 2012

Romandie: 25. April 2012



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8 years ago

Absolutely stunning piece of film making. As a writing and directorial debut Paddy Considine has made the best British film since Fishtank, the performances in particular by Olivia Coleman, are the best in that year and the soundtrack is magical. Very British but more humour and with a tender touch rather than the usual grim kitchen sink type drama. A MUST SEE FILMShow more


8 years ago

Impressive acting by the whole cast. The amount of sometimes explicit, sometimes hinted violence however makes the movie almost unbearable to watch. What is it about the North that alcoholism and violence seem to be its trademark (in cinematographic representation)?


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