Tomboy France 2011 – 84min.

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Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

After moving to a new neighborhood with her parents, a 10-year-old girl dresses as a boy starts dressing as a boy.

Laure and her family move yet again to a new apartment, a new neighborhood, with new friends. After her androgynous appearance leads to a misunderstanding, Laure decides to pass as a boy. Whether soccer games, swimming with other children and even sharing a first kiss, the girl is easily able to hide her biological sexual identity. Until a few days before she's fo to go back to school when her parents find out what she's been up to...

Troubling and well conceived, with an excellent performance by its star, Tomboy takes a serious look at the difficult subject of the sexual ambivalence of pre-adolescents. The result is a stirring and sweetly magnificent film.



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