Titeuf France 2011 – 87min.

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Titeuf, le film

Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

Movie adaptation of the adventures of the Swiss comic book character by Zep.

Titeuf, whose life between home and primary school is usually dotted with burping contests and jokes of all kinds, finds himself suddenly confronted with the vagaries of man's painful existence. First he finds out he's not invited to the birthday party of Nadia, a girl in his class that he's secretly in love with, and then his parents decide to “take a break” and separate for a while. Despite this troubling news, our hero dives into his bag of tricks to come up with a series of strategies to put everything back the way it was.

Mischievous, funny, irreverent and with great character, the young comic hero will delight both young and old in this faithful adaptation to the big screen. Although it's not particularly in the way, the question still remains as to why this movie is in 3D - which could be asked of every recently released production.



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