The Turin Horse France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, USA 2011 – 146min.

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A Torinói ló

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A storm rages, the day breaks, night falls and days pass...

In 1889, Nietzsche wraps his arms around a mistreated horse in public to save it from a whipping, then loses his mind for the last 10 years of his life. This is the story of that horse, as it sweats heavily, dragging a cart led by an old man (Janos Derzsi) in a terrible wind. Arriving at his farm, his waiting daughter (Erika Bok) is the only decoration there for the subsequent days that pass on screen in black and white. What follows is the unrelentingly slow choreography of two main characters whose only companion is the wind, which blows until the last breath, until the end of the world...

This film is a matter of personal resistance against cinematic torture. A very difficult movie to watch, this forced huis clos nonetheless acts like a drug numbing the audience, as long as you manage to resist leaving during the first 20 minutes - and let yourself starve enough to appreciate even the smallest bit of visual or auditory information served up by the Hungarian director Bela Tarr. A feast for masochists served on an arid platter.



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