The Grey USA 2011 – 117min.

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The Grey

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

The survivors of a plane crash find themselves lost in Alaska hunted by wolves.

Walking around in a painful daze since the death of his wife and thinking about suicide, John Ottway works for an oil company with ex-cons as colleagues. On a flight to the arctic, Ottway and his co-workers are victims of a plane crash and the only survivors. Alone in the snowy wilderness, the men realize the worst is still to come: far from civilization, with no food, no weapons, and freezing temperatures, they discover the region is filled with starving wolves who have them in their sights...

Stunning adventure movie with sumptuous landscapes and constant suspense. From the crash scenes, the various wolf attacks, the men's sense of being lost in the middle of nowhere battling against nature - sure to please the ecologists - The Grey puts the audience right into the middle of spine-chilling action.



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