The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Belgium, New Zealand, USA 2011 – 107min.

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The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Action Adventure Animation Mystery

Tintin, the young reporter, buys a model of a ship: the Unicorn. A ship loaded with a mysterious cargo that never reached its port. As Tintin gets pulled into the search for the Unicorn's treasure, he realizes he's not alone on the adventure. The model attracts all kinds of shady characters, as part of the puzzle may lead to the discovery of a treasure chest. According to a parchment he finds in the mast, only a descendent of the Haddock family will help him solve it. But the captain in question hasn't been sober since the death of his grandfather who confided to him the family secret, so Tintin will have to use all his drive and intelligence to help Captain Haddock remember exactly what the secret is. Accompanied by his trusty dog Snowy, the trio goes off on an adventure, trying to stay one step ahead of the evil Sakharine, who is also trying to discover the secret of the Unicorn...

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German Switzerland: 27. October 2011

Romandie: 26. October 2011

Ticino: 28. October 2011



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8 years ago

awesome. very well done!!:)


8 years ago

i really liked it & it was very entertaining... maybe a bit less puzzling like i thought it would be. and nice to know there will come at least two more parts.


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