Our Idiot Brother USA 2011 – 90min.

Short description

Our Idiot Brother

Comedy Drama

Candid, laid-back, spontaneous, dressed in floppy shorts and Crocs with hippie hair and beard, Ned (Paul Rudd) goes to jaded, pretentious New-York, where his naïveté makes the locals think he's mentally handicapped. At 35, he's never had a stable job and his good heart leads him to prison. Dumped by his girlfriend on his release, he's taken in by his three sisters: earth mother Liz who's married to an unpleasant English documentary filmmaker; the ambitious journalist Miranda; and Natalie, an artist who is still in search of herself. But the blunt Ned soon reveals the disorder lying underneath the surface of his sisters' seemingly together lives...

Release date

German Switzerland: 9. August 2012



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