My Week with Marilyn UK, USA 2011 – 99min.

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My Week with Marilyn

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

A low-level production assistant becomes Marilyn Monroe's confidant on the set of the Laurence Olivier movie The Prince and the Showgirl.

In 1956, Colin, a young man from a good English family, gets his first job in the production company of movie and theatre actor Laurence Olivier, husband of the star of Gone with the Wind, the now aging Vivien Leigh. Colin does a good job and quickly becomes the production assistant for The Prince and the Showgirl, in which Olivier co-stars with Marilyn Monroe. No sooner has filming started than the problems begin: Monroe drives Olivier crazy with her lateness, her lack of self-confidence, her inability to "connect" with her character and her refusal to submit to his charm. As Colin begins to understand that behind the myth of Marilyn Monroe hides a lost soul battered by pills and mental instability, she finds herself drawn to him.

Tender and moving adaptation of the book by Colin Clark, "The Prince, the Showgirl and Me", that demonstrates the remarkable phenomenon that is Marilyn Monroe by not explaining the inexplicable. How could an unstable, uncultured girl from nowhere who was exploited by most of those around her, enchant millions of viewers for almost 50 years and become one of the biggest stars of all time, thanks to her grace and fragility?



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11 years ago

such a wonderful movie, but also very sad to watch - like usually if i watch a docu/bio about (a part of) Marilyn's life. Michelle Williams did a very good innocent & dainty acting...

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