Limitless USA 2011 – 105min.

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Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

A failed writer discovers a miracle drug that makes him extremely successful. Starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

Dumped by his girlfriend and suffering from depression, Edward Morra is a failed and pathetic writer. Then his former drug-dealing brother-in-law turns up with a new job consulting for a pharmaceutical company and pushing a mysterious new pill. Edward tries one and experiences a heightened sense of reality. But when he returns to his brother-in-law, he finds the man riddled with bullets and a whole bag of the miracle drug – which helps him finish his book in record time, get his affairs in order and become a hugely successful Wall Street trader with millions in the bank. Edward soon realizes the downside of the drug, however, as he experiences blackouts and notices a man is tailing him...

Surprising thriller with psychedelic special effects that let the audience experience the euphoria felt by Bradley Cooper’s character when he’s high. The plot’s failing is that it isn’t completely convincing, but it’s an innovative take on a fresh story – one that no major studio would have produced, given they are all too conservative and politically correct to produce a movie that is ambiguous about drugs.



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