Limitless 2011 – 105min.

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Dumped by his girlfriend and suffering from depression, Edward Morra is a failed and pathetic writer. Then his former drug-dealing brother-in-law turns up with a new job consulting for a pharmaceutical company and pushing a mysterious new pill. Edward tries one and experiences a heightened sense of reality. But when he returns to his brother-in-law, he finds the man riddled with bullets and a whole bag of the miracle drug – which helps him finish his book in record time, get his affairs in order and become a hugely successful Wall Street trader with millions in the bank. Edward soon realizes the downside of the drug, however, as he experiences blackouts and notices a man is tailing him...

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German Switzerland: 7. April 2011

Romandie: 8. June 2011

Ticino: 29. April 2011



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