Golden Slumbers France 2011 – 96min.

Golden Slumbers

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Le sommeil d'or

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

Short but in-depth documentary about Cambodian film of the 1960's, before the Khmer Rouge came to power.

Born in 1960, Cambodian film quickly became a thriving industry, with actors and producers thriving in a creative period. But where can these movies be seen? Nowhere. These days only a few survivors' dim memories remain of the times, which fell victim to the Khmer Rouge, who, starting in 1965, destroyed cultural communities it considered incompatible with its Maoist ideology. It burned negatives and assassinated its representatives. The grandson of a producer from this time collects the last witnesses to paint a portrait of a lost culture.

A few yellowed photos pinned to a wall, posters and soundtrack recordings: these are the meager remnants of the golden age of Cambodian film. Movie theaters have become karaoke bars or casinos with TVs showing endless soaps – far from the prosperous times of the 60's. Only a few recollections have been taken from the memories of these rare aging survivors, who seem to be themselves on the verge of forgetting the truth of their history, but who are at least given back their nobility. Highly precious but tragic documentary about damage done by totalitarianism.



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