Kampf der Königinnen Germany, Switzerland 2011 – 70min.

Short description

Kampf der Königinnen


Heavy set, proudly wearing a black robe with a pair of horns reminiscent of a bicycles handlebars, the cow from Hérens has loyal fans. Presented as inoffensive and sweet (one sees a baby offering her hay and getting an affectionate lick on the hand in return), the cow from Hérens has a combative temperament, which makes her a natural leader within her own herd. Those who raised her therefore organize fights in competition, making sure to file down her horns to avoid injury. Each cow takes on an opponent, a battle that ends with the winner being presented with a bell.

Release date

German Switzerland: 3. May 2012

Romandie: 9. May 2012


Movie details

Cinematographer: Markus Nestroy

Editor: Kaya Inan

Producer: Malte Can

Distributor: Cineworx GmbH

ISAN-No. 0000-0002-FD87-0000-Y


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