Infancia clandestina Argentina, Brazil, Spain 2011 – 112min.

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Infancia clandestina

Movie Rating: Andrea Wildt

Politics through the eyes of a young boy: an autobiographical movie about life underground in 1970s Argentina.

At the end of the 1970s, Juan's family returns from voluntary exile. His parents are leaders of the Peronist movement Montonero, a group of urban guerillas who fought the military dictatorship in Argentina with kidnappings and assassinations. The 12-year-old boy goes to school, spends time at camp, celebrates his birthday. But he leads a double life: to his school friends he is Ernesto, comes from Cordoba and has to look up his date of birth in his passport...

In his debut film, Argentinean director Benjamín Ávila tells the story of his parents who fought in the 1970s against Argentina's military dictatorship. By focusing on the human aspect of these historical events, the movie shows not only the director's childhood, it also raises the question of individual responsibility during a dictatorship. His linking of the political with the private succeeds with poignant ease.



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