Faust Russia 2011 – 134min.

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Movie Rating: Andrea Wildt

Aleksandr Sokurov’s visionary adaptation of Goethe’s classic. Winner of the 2011 Golden Lion in Venice.

Doctor Faust searches for the human soul in the innards of a corpse. He doesn’t find it. Later, as he looks for corporeal fulfillment, he ends up instead finding a moneylender, who shows Faust the beautiful side of life as he drags him to the women’s baths and a wine bar. Soon the doctor is ready to sell his soul for one night with the sweet Margarete.

Aleksandr Sokurov concludes his tetralogy about man and power with an adaptation of the universal classic of German literature. Taking themes from Goethe’s tragedy “Faust”, the Russian director tells a story that ranges from the metaphysical search for meaning to a profane need for love. It is an open-ended journey. At times softly solemn, at times lively and poetic, Goethe’s dialog often slips into an ironic mode.



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