Drive Angry USA 2011 – 104min.

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Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage is revenge on wheels as he goes after a cult that killed his daughter. Action trash.

Leaving behind him broken bones, shot-up bodies and crashed cars of all kinds, Nicolas Cage makes his way out of hell in this comic-style epic in 3D by Patrick Lussier, Recycling his role in Ghost Rider in scarifying jeans, big sunglasses and yet another weird hair-do, Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage is a criminal escaped from hell to seek revenge from the killers of his daughter and to save his granddaughter from the jaws of a satanic cult.

A fast-pace ride with highly evil bad guys, a multitude of chases and innovative kills, this concentration of trash with a trivial plot and nihilistic ideology luckily doesn't take itself seriously. Those interested in two hours of hell will get what they wanted, but lovers of logic and Cage the actor will find themselves in the wrong movie.



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