Drive USA 2011 – 95min.

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Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

A stunt driver helps out a family whose father owes money to the mob. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

An angelically icy blond young man repairs cars at a mob-connected garage in Los Angeles. To make ends meet, he does driving stunts for movies – and is a wheelman for actual heists, driving the getaway car to evade the police. Meanwhile, he is charmed by his neighbors, a mother and her son whose husband is in trouble with the same gangsters that have a hold over the garage. And so he agrees to drive for a job that of course goes horribly wrong...

Halfway between the fascinatingly poisonous ambiance of David Lynch and the brilliant To Live and Die in L.A. by William Friedkin, this intelligent thriller by the maker of the impressive Valhalla Rising, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, is a magnificent mix of hyperstylized violence, superbly poetic moments and a hypnotic 80's ambiance, thanks mainly to the soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti. With today's rising star Ryan Gosling.



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8 years ago

What a great movie! From the sound track to the pictures, you travel back in the 80's. It is a beautiful movie quite different to other action movies and a must see for all the movie lovers out there.


9 years ago

Good movie, a lot of action, however, Ryan doesn't seem to have any emotions / facil expressions, just like Kristen Stewart.


9 years ago

great movie!

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