Attack the Block UK 2011 – 88min.

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Attack the Block

Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

A group of London teens try to save their council estate from an alien invasion.

Moses and his gang try hard to be the tough guys on their London council estate, but given that they’re only 15, they are really just kids barely out of childhood. One night, their shenanigans result in more trouble than they could anticipate: as they attempt to mug a nurse on her way home, a strange animal falls from the sky, which they beat up. But soon more of these creatures arrive from space, and there are definitely out to do harm...

The makers of Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are back to make fun of yet another American institution – the alien invasion flick. With a perfectly tuned, self-effacing British humor and a riotous plot, this hilarious comedy is sure to be as successful as its predecessors.



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