Tron: Legacy USA 2010 – 125min.

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Tron: Legacy

Cyberspace in 3D: sequel to the sci-fi classic from 1982 starring Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges.

Almost 3 decades after the first Tron movie, this is not just a remake, but a sequel: Kevin Flynn has been missing for 20 years, ever since leading the computing firm Encom to record-breaking success. Although his 27-year-old son Sam owns a majority in the company, he doesn't want to take over his father's business. But when he suddenly gets a text message from dad, Sam has to log onto The Grid to save him. Welcome to the matrix.

Not just a movie for gamers: Tron Legacy is two hours of very special effects, fluorescent colors and virtual passion -­ a 3D fest for the senses in a perfectly choreographed cyber world, with a soundtrack by Daft Punkt. If the setting and the story weren't so special and perhaps somewhat more universal, Joseph Kosinski's debut could easily compete with Avatar.



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