The Killer Inside Me Canada, Sweden, UK, USA 2010 – 109min.

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The Killer Inside Me

Action Crime Drama Thriller Western

Lou Ford is a sweet-faced man with a high-pitched voice who plays the piano in his spare time; a deputy sheriff in a small and seemingly sleepy Texas town. But he's also a monster: abused by his father during his childhood, he brutally kills a prostitute he's been secretly seeing, cold-bloodedly murders the son of a powerful local businessman and is suspected of these murders by a union activist and an alcoholic homeless man. Ford goes as far as to knock off his beautiful fiancée and a good friend, just to keep up appearances...

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German Switzerland: 10. March 2011

Romandie: 1. September 2010



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10 years ago

Good story and strng scenes. Needs stomach to watch it.


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