The Expendables USA 2010 – 100min.

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The Expendables

Action Adventure Thriller

A muscle-bound pack of sweaty and aging mercenaries regularly hang out in a garage/tattoo parlor, swapping old stories and holding knife-throwing contest amongst themselves. A knife man, and martial arts man, a weapons man, a demolitions expert and a sniper, they call themselves The Expendables. Their leader is Barney Ross, a tougher-than-tough sixty-year-old who has learned never to care too much during the course of his career. But when a routine reconnaissance mission to the island state of Vilena motivates Ross to rescue the daughter of a dictator who's being manipulated by an ex-CIA agent, our heroes find they may have bitten off more than they can chew...

Release date

German Switzerland: 26. August 2010

Romandie: 18. August 2010

Ticino: 1. September 2010



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