Sucker Punch USA 2010 – 110min.

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Sucker Punch

Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

A teenager confined in a psychiatric clinic escapes by dreaming of a world that is a mix of fantasy and reality.

Babydoll is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather in a psychiatric clinic and is doomed to a undergo a lobotomy in a few days. She sees her only escape from her horrible daily life in her own imagination, where she is a cabaret dancer, a luxury call girl in training held prisoner with other girls of her own age by the evil Blue. Organizing a plan to escape with a handful of others, Babydoll devises commando operations during lap dances, in which they go up against samurais, zombies, dragons and androids, all guided by a wise protector. Each test brings them a little close to freedom.

Sexy riot grrls beating up terrifying fantasy creatures to a power soundtrack and specials effects: the perfect recipe for entertaining geeks and gamers of all stripes. But those looking for a little depth – and general audiences – will be disappointed by the bad dialog, the escalation of images saturated with garish colors and the interminable succession of clichés. Zack Snyder, the director of 300 and the magnificent Watchmen, is capable of better work than this.



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8 years ago

Joining the japanese movie style.

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