Sucker Punch Canada, USA 2010 – 110min.

Short description

Sucker Punch

Action Fantasy Thriller

Babydoll is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather in a psychiatric clinic and is doomed to a undergo a lobotomy in a few days. She sees her only escape from her horrible daily life in her own imagination, where she is a cabaret dancer, a luxury call girl in training held prisoner with other girls her own age by the evil Blue. Organizing a plan to escape with a handful of others, Babydoll devises commando operations during lap dances, in which they go up against samurais, zombies, dragons and androids, all guided by a wise protector.

Release date

German Switzerland: 31. March 2011

Romandie: 30. March 2011

Ticino: 25. March 2011



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9 years ago

Joining the japanese movie style.


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