Submarine UK, USA 2010 – 97min.

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Comedy Drama

Oliver Tate, an introverted teenager, likes the sound of his own voice and tells himself stories in which he's the hero to compensate for his shyness and escape the oppressive ambiance at home - which he shares with his depressed oceanographer father and his trapped mother who flirts with a cheesy New Age guru. Oliver is in love with Jordana, a pyromaniac in his class who thinks he's weird. He tries to get her anyway, and she begins to go along but forbids him to be sentimental. But once Jordana cracks, he doesn't have the courage to follow through, given that it's hard to show one's feelings when everyone, himself included, would interpret that as a flagrant show of weakness...

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German Switzerland: 16. June 2011

Romandie: 12. October 2011

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