Rubber France 2010 – 85min.

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Absurd horror flick about a killer tire on the rampage in the desert.

In the California desert, an audience watching through binoculars sees a tire come to life in the distance. Starved for action, they get their thrills watching the rubber wheel develop its evil existence: the tire is actually a telepathic killer, which is not satisfied in merely following other things. Like many a serial killer before it, it preys first on small animals before moving on to people, who it murders by exploding their heads. But it also has its sentimental side, having fallen for a mysterious young woman it follows everywhere...

After the delightfully demented Steak, French director Quentin Dupieux, a.k.a. Mr. Oizo, returns to the unusual in this homage to the free-wheeling (in this case literally) films of the 1970's, seeded with cult horror movies that influenced him in his youth. Rife with cynical humor and with a minimalist narrative framework, this exercise in style may try the patience of some viewers, but the undeniable charm of this cinematic UFO will thrill those who have long been waiting for entertainment far from the mainstream.



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