On the Path Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany 2010 – 100min.

On the Path

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Na Putu - On the Path

Bosnian drama about lovers whose seemingly wonderful world starts to come apart.

Amar is an air traffic controller, Luna is a flight attendant - and they seem to be a happy couple. But the war in Bosnia that destroyed their families lies over them like a shadow. When Amar meets a former colleague from the war who has joined an Islamic fundamentalist group, he gets interested. A worried Luna is forced to watch as he changes, drawing farther away from her as he believes he has found support in religion.

For "Grbavica" (2006), her first feature, Bosnian director Jasmila ´banić won several awards, including the Golden Bear in Berlin. Her second film, Na putu stirs up emotions, touching the audience with questions that remain unanswered. Once again the Bosnian director proves herself to be a master of fine allusions, supported by the performances of the excellent actors.



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