Megamind USA 2010 – 95min.

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Super-villain Megamind grows despondent after defeating his arch enemy.

The intelligent egghead Megamind isn't really a bad guy, he's just had a bad childhood: he grew up in jail. His arch enemy Metroman is the superhero of Metro City. Megamind would like nothing better than to defeat him, which he does, taking out Metroman and taking over control of the city. But now that he has no antagonist, he's bored. So Megamind gets a new adversary: Titan.

This 3D animation duel from DreamWorks pokes fun at old clichés, offering intelligent and fun action – sometimes more for the parents than the kiddies. From the director of Madagascar, Tom McGrath.



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11 years ago

Hilarious! Had a good time with my kids.


11 years ago

my kids loved it. great characters

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