Little Fockers USA 2010 – 98min.

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Little Fockers


In the 3rd Focker movie, Robert De Niro continues to torment Ben Stiller.

3rd round in the Focker family saga: Greg Focker is now the father of 5-year-old twins and on yet another visit to the in-laws, where Jack continues to annoy him, this time around with child-raising tips. And when his wife's ex shows up, Greg finds himself having to prove to Jack once and for all who wears the pants in his family.

The 3rd Focker installment in the extremely popular franchise, after 2000's «Meet the Parents», and 2004's «Meet the Fockers». Director Paul Weitz («About a Boy») takes over the reins for «Little Fockers», which plays on both the Fockers' new twins and the man-children played by Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro. An A-list cast (Laura Dern, Jessica Alba, Harvey Keitel and Dustin Hoffman) diverts attention from the hammy gags and slapstick.

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German Switzerland: 23. December 2010

Romandie: 22. December 2010

Ticino: 14. January 2011



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