The Clink of Ice France 2010 – 87min.

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Le bruit des glaçons

An alcoholic writer meets his own cancer. Black comedy by Bertrand Blier.

Charles is a writer with a serious block: alcoholism has taken over his life, and his wife and child have left him. Charles now lives with his housekeeper, a withdrawn young Russian woman. Only his devoted old governess still watches over him. One day, a man knocks on his door and says he is Charles' cancer. It's the beginning of a relationship both tragic and full of hope.

A difficult subject is spectacularly dealt with by Bertrand Blier, who's at his best. The film is reminiscent of Les Valseuses, with the bleakest of black humor, surrealistic poetry and the author's affection for losers; it is both beautiful and touching. Starring Jean Dujardin as the writer and Albert Dupontel as his tumor.



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