Länger leben Switzerland 2010 – 105min.

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Länger Leben

Swiss-German comedy about two old men who each hope the other will die first.

A kleptomaniac with liver problems; a paranoiac with a bad heart: the former hangs out with old gangsters who like to eat well; the other spends his time either alone in front of the TV or spying on others. Both have only a few weeks to live, but their doctor has a solution: whoever dies first can donate his organs to the other...

A slapstick farce from the get-go, this homegrown comedy is at first funny but soon devolves into long and sentimental digressions and a search for the Meaning of Life. With that basis to work on, the actors, although excellent and somewhat reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy, are unable to create any warmth of feeling.



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