The Solitude of Prime Numbers France, Germany, Italy 2010 – 118min.

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La solitudine dei numeri primi

Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

The lives of two children are traumatized by dramatic events.

Living an already unsettled existence with a depressive mother and a loving but exacting father, little Alice is the victim of an accident that leaves her with a limp that makes everyone around her treat her like a cripple. Mattia, her only friend, has also been wounded by the tragedy that befell his twin sister, and which he is responsible for. A genius close to autism, he hides in his mathematical studies. These two people battle demons throughout their young lives until college, always connected but unable to come together completely, as they are blocked by their own feelings of guilt and their inability to talk about their circumstances.

Adapted from the novel by Paolo Giordano, this movie takes on a heavy subject with both a subtle sketching of troubling psyches born during childhood and mannerisms & aestheticization that freezes emotions wherever they begin to appear. The film is a bit long and is disconcerting in its pessimism.



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