Insidious USA 2010 – 102min.

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Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

Evil spirits try to take over the body of a boy while he's in a coma.

After moving into a new house, Josh, his wife and their 3 children find their lives turning into a nightmare. With strange noises throughout the house, their oldest son falls into a coma. Even when they move to a new home, the events continue, more inexplicable and more terrifying each time. Finally they call a specialist in paranormal activities who concludes that demons are trying to take over the boy's body and that his father is the only one who can save him.

Fear moves slowly but surely through this very efficient low-budget horror flick film with a classic structure. Doors slam, groans come through the baby monitor and deaths are violent - all the ingredients necessary for good entertainment for fans of the genre.



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