Happy Happy Norway 2010 – 88min.

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Happy Happy

Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

A Danish couple moves to a tiny village in southern Norway, upsetting the lives of its neighbors.

In southern Norway, the Happy Christians make a point of loving life just the way it is, plastering a smile on their faces no matter what and putting a positive spin on every aspect of their existence. Kaja assiduously holds to this principle, until a Danish couple moves into the village and begins to upset its social conventions, which thus far have allowed its inhabitants to work around every problem without actually facing it, thereby avoiding all negative emotions. This unnerving Danish import includes sex, adultery, homosexuality...

With biting and absurd humor set against a wintery backdrop, Anne Sewitsky's first feature-length film compensates for its somewhat vanilla subject matter with unorthodox, fish-out-of-water charm.



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