Devil USA 2010 – 80min.

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Horror Mystery Thriller

A cop traumatized by the accidental death of his wife and son a few years earlier tries to free 5 people - a claustrophobic security guard, a mattress salesmen, an elderly woman, an ex-marine and a conservative yuppie - stuck in an elevator on the 35th floor of a Philadelphia high-rise. Via radio contact, he slowly finds out each one has a troubled past, even as he powerlessly and inexplicably has a hand in their deaths. In the face of this tragedy taking place on their security monitors, one of the building's guards comes to the conclusion that the devil is behind it all and that he's posing as one of the 5 people...

Release date

German Switzerland: 20. January 2011

Romandie: 2. February 2011

Ticino: 12. November 2010



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