The Taking of Pelham 123 UK, USA 2009 – 121min.

Short description

The Taking of Pelham 123

Action Crime Drama Thriller

Suspected by his superior of profiting from the acquisition of new train cars, Graber is demoted to transit manager of New York's subway. Graber gets a chance to redeem himself when a group of thugs armed to the teeth highjack subway train and take hostages. In radio contact with the exceedingly angry boss, who's asking for $10 million within an hour or he'll start to kill hostages, Graber is forced to negotiate. During the course of the hour, the two men discover common ground: they've both been maligned by their employer and they are both seeking redemption.

Release date

German Switzerland: 24. September 2009

Romandie: 29. July 2009

Ticino: 18. September 2009



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