Bedazzled Germany, USA 2000 – 93min.

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The nerdy computer geek is madly in love with his colleague Alison Gardner. But she gives him the cold-shoulder. Poor Elliot is thrown into depression until the day when he meets the devil himself. In his desperation he naively believes everything the ravishing creature tells him and is led to agree on a pact: at the expense of his soul, Elliot is granted seven wishes. But as we all know, the devil has a wicked sense of humour.... and Elliot is to feel the full force of it. Hurley's she-devil teases and exploits him with obvious pleasure and undermines all his wishes: whatever he wishes for, she presents it to him in a subverted version as a new reality; whatever ideal he reaches for, the devil turns it into a living hell.

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German Switzerland: 14. December 2000

Romandie: 21. February 2001

Ticino: 1. June 2001



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