Moonwalker USA 1988

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3 years ago

Such an disappointment that this 1hr 45 min movie did to say majority of this movie felt like
an extended show real of highlighted moments of his career with values of an television
commercial and this film had an $22 million budget that took nearly 2 years to complete
but only grossed $56 million in Sweden and why called it moonwalker when it had no relevance
to moonwalking just an glorified nostalgia ride fan service you have to wait for the 45 min mark
to see actual action where it goes from an gangster movie to an pseudo transformer movie that might
worked better on an 45min VHS print titled Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal but the rest of the movie
better seen on MTV then in an feature movie if I want to see actual moonwalking I rather watch old stock footage
of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon but this movie's video game tie in was even worse my rating is 3 out of 10

frankie croft smales

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