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1003 Lausanne

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Rue des marchandise
1260 Nyon

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1854 Leysin

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Rue de la Colombière 18
1260 Nyon

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The story of an American woman who works as a miner, and who became the first person to win an important precedence...

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Behind The Sun

for the price of honor. Inspired by the novel «Broken April» by the Albanian writer Ismail Kadaré, Walter Salles' film is a mixture of Greek tragedy and Western movie, with obvious

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

A shy dreamer who goes into trances as he imagines himself a superhero saving widows and orphans, Walter Mitty works for legendary Life magazine in the negative department. But

Shootout - keine Gnade

Action thriller starring Sylvester Stallone as a tough assassin, directed by Walter Hill. Jimmy Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone) is a tough assassin with strong principles: he

On the Road

become a book – a book about his journey across America and the wild, wonderful and tragic things he experiences... Walter Salles is the first director to dare turn Jack

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Tim Allen on forced Swiss diet

Hollywood star and mountaineering fan Tim Allen visited Switzerland in 1999; now he has revealed what kind of impression our country made on him. Actor Tim Allen («Home

«Poseidon» takes on water

& DVD sales) the same cannot be said for Wolfgang Petersen's latest flick: with a price tag of $160 million plus the cost of publicity, «Poseidon» took in a meagre $20 million

007 101

The University of Cardiff in Wales has a new course of study: James Bond. The course includes studying the works of author Ian Fleming, from a social and historical point of

ABBA saves theatre

«Mamma Mia!» saves the oldest movie theatre in Wales from closure. The 150-year-old Savoy Theatre in the Welsh village of Monmouth, was slated for definite closure this month